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Damm, need this.


a harder spanking than usual for LMSP.

which made her even wetter than usual.

i’ll post the video of me fucking her in her cute little spanked bum later. she moans very loudly.

for now, there’s this. video ends with me taking her by the hair and pressing her mouth down on my very hard cock. sigh. this is love.



LMSP finally gets her safeword.

(Hot & Cute All Together. Not easy but pulled of wonderfully here)


It should be illegal for a couple to be this cute.


sort of the blair witch project of spanking blog videos. 

yes. it is a little quirky. but then, so are we.

something hotter and spankier coming soon.

we promise…


this is not a spanking video. this is the adorable little miss spankypants getting fucked in her adorable little bottom.

apologies for the tee shirt i was wearing. i should give more thought to wardrobe. or lack thereof. the shirt makes it looks like i have the world’s biggest belly. which i most certainly do not.

so the image quality isn’t exactly awesome. but the audio quality of my moaning little girlfriend hopefully makes up for it. enjoy.


a short hard schoolgirl skirt spanking. what else should she expect when she dresses like that?


Just one more? *giggles* I love the way he holds her in place, especially her arm. I love that he plays with her a little durring her spankings. I loved the videos they made. :)



a good spanking followed by some nice cock sucking followed by a mini-spanking. and then off to bed for a good fuck in her bum. but we didn’t film that last part.

some things are still private. ;-p

My kind of sexy, erotic spanking!  


i seriously think i just fell in love with this couple. which might be an LGO first.

this is the second hottest thing i’ve discovered on tumblr. the first hottest is, and will always be, my daddy. 


i had to teach my naughty but also somewhat innocent little girlfriend how to properly suck a cock. well, mine, to be specific.

now she clearly thinks she’s an expert. sometimes she’s a little full of herself.

good thing she’s adorable. and increasingly good at this. she avoided a spanking this time. just a nice snuggle.

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Christ. Good morning.